" Giving mother nature a helping hand"

'Rhoi natur help llaw'

Nest boxes for birds, bats, hedgehogs and pretty much any other species call me on - 07568 535563 or richyevs@sky.com 

Below image shows a Pied Flycatcher


Project Nestbox Wales was set up in September 2010. The aims and objectives of PNW is to construct Nest Boxes for a diverse range of hole nesting species of bird with the main aim focusing on declining species. To date I have constructed around 700 nest boxes with the aim of reaching over 1000 by 2014.

Species I have targeted are as follows

Priority list

1. Pied Flycatcher

2. Spotted Flycatcher

3. Redstart

4. Barn Owl

5. Kestrel

6. Tawny Owl

 24 HR Line - 07794 179 207