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Richard Lloyd Evans

Project Founder

I  set up "Project Nestbox" back in 2010 following a serious Road Traffic Accident and was house bound for a few months whilst recuperating. Instead of lounging around feeling sorry for my self I decided to relive a favourite childhood pastime of constructing nest boxes and watching certain species of bird use them to build their incredible little nests.


My dad who is now a retired Carpenter basically got me involved by showing and helping me make my first nest box probably aged 6-7. Dad and I erect this nest box in my local woodland which was a stone`s throw away from mum and dad`s house. Around 5 - 6 weeks later I witnessed something amazing and something that got me hooked on birdlife for life. Of course what I saw was a beautiful little Blue tit nest inside my nestbox with at least a dozen tiny little eggs placed in such a perfect shaped cup full of feathers and wool, surrounded by moss. I shall never forget that experience and I thank my dad who was so instrumental in forging my passion for bird and wildlife to this day. To date I have hand built and erect well over 3000 nest boxes.

Alex Powell
Nigel Williams
Steve Roberts

David Tew

Mark Tew

I have worked in local Government for over 22 years. I have always had a keen interest in conservation and wildlife since I can remember . Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to give something back to wildlife and the community. It is great to get outdoors with family and friends. This project is a great opportunity to see the countryside and have a laugh or two along the way. Can`t wait for the next project Richard has planned.

Ieuan Hywel Evans

My name is Ieuan Hywel Evans and I am currently still attending school in year 11. I attend Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw based in Trevethin, Pont-y-pwl it`s a Welsh medium School so welsh is my first language. I must admit I am not as keen as my dad with regard to birding although I do try to help out with Project Nestbox and especially when I can see my dad struggling with his various ailments. I must admit we do have fun when erecting Barn Owl nest boxes and when my neighbour and good friend Kieran is with us it`s even more enjoyable.


I would have to say my favourite bird is a Pied Flycatcher because I was present with my dad when he first attracted a pair into one of his nest boxes. It was I who discovered the occupied nest box and to see those tiny little blue eggs of a Pied Flycatcher and then informing my dad and witnessing his shear excitement was priceless.


This year, along with my neighbour and best friend Kieren I will be assisting him on one of my dad`s nest box routes. We will monitor the nest boxes and collate data to be sent off to the Brittish Trust of Ornithology.

Kieran Poole

Hi My name is Kieran Poole and I am still at school although in year 11 so in my final year. The school I attend is Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw along with Ieuan and who is also my neighbour and like Ieuan welsh is my first language.


As a neighbour to Richard and Ieuan it was only a matter of time before I involved myself and volunteer with Project Nestbox. I really do enjoy all conservation work carried out particularly erecting Barn Owl nest boxes. This year I will be taking on one of Richard`s nest box routes which will involve monitoring and data collection of around 80 nest boxes during the breeding season. This route I will be able to access without a vehicle as it is my local woodlands. Ieuan will also accompany me on my route so it should be very enjoyable having my best friend present.

Nathan Jones

Paul Joy

My name is Paul Joy.  I am married with a son and daughter, and 5 grandchildren. I am a retired Fork Lift Truck instructor.  My hobbies include Fly Fishing and my Touring caravan.  I have always had an interest in wildlife and nature, and as a young boy spent many hours walking around the countryside searching for birds nests.  With my caravan and the fishing I get out into the countryside and close to nature quite often, which gives me a lot of pleasure. 


Over the last year or so, I have been following the work of Richard Evans with his project nestbox, and a few weeks ago he invited me to join him and his photographer friend Gavin, to erect and monitor nestboxes. In 3 trips out with him I have seen several birds for the first time, and he has renewed my enthusiasm and interest in birds and I am on a new lease of life. 


Thank you Richard !!

Ray Williams MBE

My name is Ray Williams. I am an army veteran serving 29yrs. I Was born and brought up in Talgarth and joined up at age of 16. I Trained at junior tradesmans regiment in Rhyl, North Wales until 1966 then joined 7th Parachute Regiment,Royal Horse Artillery. I spent 17years with them seeing the world.


Left 7th in 1983 and joined 12th Air Defence Regiment in Dortmund here I served time in Northern Ireland and The Falklands Islands. In 1988 I rose to the rank of .Sgt Major, WO 2 RQMS.  In 1988 I transferred to the Royal Army Pay Core and staying with 12 regt until my discharge from the army in 1993 and Somewhere along the line I was awarded an MBE.


I stayed in Germany working as head green keeper for Dortmund Garrison Golf Club for 4 years then in 1997 moved to Gutersloh Garrison Golf club as head keeper until 2001.I left Germany in 2001 and came home to Wales taking up work with Monmouthshire County Council working with grounds maintenance. In Dec 2013 I retired and became an OAP . My wife volunteered me to help Richard a few weeks back and I am enjoying being out and about with him learning so much about our bird life.

The Team in Action

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