4 April 2021

Iv`e been finding numerous Blackbird and Song Thrush nests whilst out monitoring my nest box routes. Mainly in Holy or Ivy which makes sense with both being evergreen. These will be first clutches and a good start for the new breeding season. I am a little concerned with the weather forecast set to deteriorate over the next few days. With temperatures set to tumble it will be a challenging period for many nesting birds. 

3 April 2021

Ive still got enough timber left over to make another 50 to 60 small nest boxes. This material was purchased for me by a good friend and a friend who has regularly contributed to my conservation work either by manual labour or the purchase of materials. 

I have 2 new nest box sites I would like to get another 20 - 40 boxes erect although I am running out of time. It`s been difficult attracting volunteers at the moment with the pandemic and the restriction of movement. I will have to try and get some of these up myself by the looks.

1 April 2021

The arrival of bitterly cold weather only a few days after the vernal equinox, the official start of spring in Britain could have serious consequences for wildlife. The snow that's forecast along with biting winds will reduce the insect population, creating food shortages for birds and other creatures. Migratory birds, such as the wheatear and the sand martin, are now arriving in Britain in numbers and will need food after long flights from the south. Insects are their principal source of nourishment. For migrant birds, the timing could hardly have been worse; potentially they could be stranded in their millions on the other side of the Channel, waiting for the weather to change.


Frozen lakes and ponds could also affect frogs and other amphibians, There are also fears for ravens, tawny owls and blackbirds who have already begun nesting. Forecasters said snow, feeding in from the North Sea, could start to spread westwards across to the Midlands and parts of Wales next week which is a real concern. I always get anxious this time of year especially if the weather takes a dramatic drop in temperatures. Fingers crossed my Pied Flycatchers and Restarts In hope they are all safe and held up somewhere they can weather the storm and eventually continue to the breeding grounds.