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Today with the help of my trusty lieutenant Nathan Jones and for her first outing with us Natalie Smith. It was a decent size Barn Owl nest box as you can see in the images so two ladders was set up. We had to chop a few branches off before we started on the platform. the platform was a good solid base with 4x2 cross sections for the Barn Owl box to sit on.

This was done after an hour and a half and i was screwing in the final screw when the ladder slipped and i fell about 12 foot to the floor breaking my wrist in the process. So out of action for 2 months :-(

15 Awst/August 2019
10 Awst/August 2019

As a family we have always had English Springer Spaniels around us. Our three children have all grown up with Springers being a big part of our family and to lose our two Spaniels in the space of 3 years was pretty devastating for us all. Two months ago Owain our male Springer at the grand old age of 14 was finally put to sleep in my arms. Its so true when people say a house is not the same without a dog. Well we have experienced it for the first time in 16 years and it has been very hard without the sound of paws running around on the laminate floor. Well today my wife and daughter brought home our newest family addition in a form of a beautiful female Springer Spaniel. After much deliberation we finally agreed on Eira as her name. Eira in Welsh means snow. 

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