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Sponsors who support me and are kind enough to supply me with materials in order to construct nest boxes, it would simply not be possible to operate and continue to be the success story it is today.

Davies Timbers {Wales} Ltd






On behalf of all the staff and children involved in Project Nestbox at New Inn Primary School, I would like to say a huge 'thank you' for inspiring and engaging us all in this amazing project. As staff we were very impressed at the way that you interacted with the Reception children at their level and fired their interest for birds during the time you spent in our school. The workshop sessions were very well organised and prepared and enjoyed by both staff and children alike. The children proudly took home the boxes on Friday as a gift for their mums as this coincided with Mothering Sunday. Talking to the children about the experience they are able to discuss the new skills they have learnt such as sanding the wood and hammering nails and ways that they are helping to look after birds in our local community. We are very much looking forward to your visit when we put up some boxes in our school grounds. I would highly recommend this project to any school as it covers so many areas of the curriculum in an exciting and meaningful way. Thank you again and keep up the good work.


Maria Appleby 

Reception Teacher at New Inn Primary School, NewInn, Pont-y-pwl  March 2015


Hi Richard


I've only seen what you've done over the past year or so Richard and I must admit to being one of your fans! I'm getting on in years and when my wife started feeding the birds a few years back, we were graced with the presence of a pair of Nuthatches....I'd never seen one before and as time wore on and I saw more and more different species it made me realise how vitally important the work you put in is to the proliferation of our beautiful birds. I for one, can't thank you enough.


Richard Anthony Cutler



Hi Rich


Great web page with interesting content. I would like to point out you have House Sparrow down twice on your target species. Do young ring your birds? if not i think your project would only improve its data sets working with the BTO, also if you had a licence to handle bats would also benefit your project with the possibility of gaining paid work in this area. We may not have agreed on hunting issues on facebook, but i think some of your work is great with your limited resource.


Happy birding for 2015. Jason Reed



We have received the triple house martin nest boxes and are really impressed with the quality of the work and how well you have made them. They will fit a treat under the eaves of our porch and hopefully we can now avoid the trauma of collapsing nests next summer!It was great to see the photos of the work in progress and hear how you were getting on with them.

We will let you know how the "class of 2015" gets on with them and try to get a couple of photos to send you when they take up residence.You are doing great work, which we hope carries on for many years to come, and so thank you once again.Kind regardsGraham & Rowan



Blenheim Road Primary School Cwmbran Nest box project 5 February 2014


Today year 2 had a visit from Richard Evans, a keen wildlife and conservationist expert, who is busy with the 'Nest Box Project'. Project Nestbox Wales was set up in September 2010. The aims and objectives of PNW is to construct Nest Boxes for a diverse range of hole nesting species of bird with the main aim focusing on declining species. To date Richard has constructed around 700 nest boxes with the aim of reaching over 1000 by 2014.

Year 2 as part of Forest School are studying 'Birds at Blenheim' and we decided we would like to help Richard with his project. This afternoon we listened and asked questions about birds, and those in birds that are sadly in decline and took part in a class quiz - we so impressed Richard with our knowledge about Birds! 

We also designed our own bird boxes, following careful instructions of how to make different nest boxes for different types of birds. We are building tawny owl boxes, house sparrow boxes and 6 blue tit boxes. These will be placed around school and also in areas around Cwmbran. 


Thank you Richard for coming into school and learning all about Birds. We had an amazing time.



George Street Primary School Pontypool Nest box project Year 2 14 Feb 2014


Yr2 Bird boxes


Today was our last day working with Richard Evans, to finish off our amazing nest boxes. Over the past 2 weeks, Year 2 have been designing, constructing and painting their nest boxes. We learnt all about caring and respecting for the birds and are hoping to see some birds nesting in our fabulous nest boxes in the Spring. We will be showing the value of Patience as we wait for Spring to arrive. 

We each took our own nest box home that we made and Richard kindly donated bird boxes for us to place around the school, including a very long nest box for some sparrows. 


Thank you so much Richard for telling us about your nest box project and teaching us all about caring and respecting our garden birds. 



 Hi Richard


Diolch yn fawr iawn for giving us your time and making the nest boxes with us. We all really enjoyed the experience.  Also, could you edit the titles underneath the photos to say Mrs Galeozzi forest school class yr2.  Only because I'm not their main yr2 teacher that's Emma. Hope that ok?

I'm having problems sending emails via iPad, so you may get this twice!! Apologies!! 

Fab photo of everyone.  Check out our website at and click on news and also the yr2 page at 'children's area- year 2 page

will see you in the spring


thank you! 




Just wanted to say a big thank you for coming into school again and giving up so much of your time. The children are thoroughly enjoying your visits, your enthusiasm for conservation has definitely rubbed off!  We are watching the boxes with great anticipation waiting for a bird to pop in and have a look! Hopefully it will be a pied flycatcher! I hope lots of other schools realise what a fantastic project this is and benefit from it as much as we have. 


 Mrs Cox

 Garnteg Primary School



 Hi I'm Emily from ysgol cwmraeg Cwmbran 

I loved how you showed us how to build nest boxes my mum goes walking at Blaen bran  every week some times I go with her but we live just up the road so we can watch the blue tit nest boxes and hopefully see them hatch.

Thank you 




 You're doing a good job Richard and it's lovely to see you getting our young ones involved in wildlife conservation.



 Thank you Richard, a very positive project for the schools of Torfaen. Our children have benefitted so much from it. Hope more people get to know about what you do from sites like this. Keep up the good work!



Hi mr Evans it is Evan again,

I just wanted to let you know I been up the Garn lakes to go bird watching and I took some nice photos.





Found your fab site yesterday thro' school mail.Love your site.Really interesting. Can you give me prices for the boxes for me personally- not for the school.Interested in tawny and barn owl, treecreeper and general small boxes. Many thanks



Lyn Jones



 Thank you mr Evans for visiting my school I loved the nest box building and putting them up me and my dad are going to put some up on the trees around my house. hope you will come again some time


 from Evan white age 8 Garnteg school:)




 Hi Richard,


Thank you for the 3 days at school with your help. It was excellent,  especially enjoyed putting the boxes up today. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of birds will use the boxes.


     Many Thanks




Thank you Richard for spending the whole day with us at Garnteg primary school. Both the talk and quiz were very informative we thoroughly enjoyed learning about all our local birds. The afternoon went so fast with children using so many skills from measuring, sawing, hammering and drilling. We can't wait until next week to finish and paint our boxes and learn even more practical skills. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us learn about conservation.


Mrs Cox and Year 4/5 


Garnteg Primary School



Hi Richard

I was very interested to find your superb blog/website, what a wonderful job you are doing constructing all those nest boxes. 

Since my early 20's (I'm 55) I have always made a few Blue/Great Tit boxes each year. Either for myself or friends. In fact I have just give a couple as Xmas presents. At one time about 15 years ago I had about 40 in place on my local golf course (with permission). All tucked away just off the fairways so I could inspect them as I was playing. I think some opponents not in the know thought I'd got a very weak bladder as yet again I wondered off into the trees!! I guess I had about a 90% take-up rate each year. I'm not a member now, I think some still survive.

I have also constructed a few with miniature camera's. Interestingly one of the boxes was used all winter as a roost for a Great Tit. It was on the side of a house, so probably centrally heated....

I was interested to see your use of some sort of concrete mix to cover the boxes. I did think about making a mold at one time, but decided they might be a bit on the weighty side....! My own preference for roofing material is butyl rubber (pond liner). Very long lasting, supple & ideal as a hinge for the lid. I always needed to be able to see in, but I would always put at least one catch on the side of the box. 

Perhaps Richard with all your experience, you could solve one mystery for me....  Last year I put up a box at our bowls club. This was then occupied by Great Tits, they successfully hatched 6 young. 3 days after hatching I looked into the box only to find the entire brood had gone. I couldn't believe it. I have seen broods fail in the past, but not just disappear. Now the box isn't accessible to the general public as the club is padlocked when not in use by the members. We have no young members, in fact only 55 in total. The 2 catches on the box roof were still in place. Their was no disturbance of the nest or the entry hole. The box was 5' off the ground on the side of a large shed. I use a 32mm drill bit (always have). I cant believe it was anyone at the bowls club. Any theories?


Anyway, thanks for wetting my appetite to make a few more boxes for this spring. Keep up the good work.


Kind regards


Pete (in Leighton Buzzard. Beds)


Hi Richard


I have just discovered your site while looking for Tree Creeper box designs! absolutely fantastic work. I have started my own similar project in the North East of England and put up my first 21 Boxes today on George Washington Golf Course. I must say how impressed i am with your work and hope to maybe to be able to get advice from you. i have another 2 sites where i have been given permission to site my boxes so i have some work ahead of me to build the boxes required. I,m inspired even more after seeing your enthusiasm and dedication to a fantastic cause, i love it. Great to see other like minded people making a difference to their surrounding environment. Keep up the great work.


Best wishes

Richard Winship


boss"  i thanx for your project.i am from sri lanka. i loven briths.. i make 3 nestbox in my house garden. i am so happy... i lookat your working... i can follow for you...      thank you wery much sir. ( i am so sorry my english is not good)        

           my name- navinda lanka 

         address- no-156 main st"            


                        SRI LANKA




                       ..................thank you wery much................




I looked this morning just to check on the bird and I found another egg! 

I'm really pleased!

I just hope that these eggs hatch unlike our first ones.

Also I'd like to say a huge thank you for mentioning me on your website. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for everything that you've done,


Yours sincerely,




 Hi Richard


One of the best sites I’ve come across for along while ,I’m a bird box builder myself ,

love putting them up and hoping they get used .

Very interested in the nail gun you have ,as I have the same ,do you just use the nails from the gun

to make the boxes or do you screw or nail them as well ,I have only used mine to tack the boxes together and then

either screw or nail them,I wondered if I put a few more in whether they would hold ?but some how I don’t think so,

do you know any different ? Also can you give me any info on the covering you use for the boxes it looks excellent ,

and it looks like it would cut down on time, some times I have to 3 coat my boxes and with the drying time takes, as you know ages.

any help gratefully received







My name is William and I'm 12 and I live in the SE (just about) of England.

Anyway, when I was 11 my grandparents got me a camera bird-box which would suitably fit a number of small birds, like bluetit's, coal tit, tree creeper etc. 

The first year I had it (2012), we were fortunate enough to get a bluetit! She made the nest, laid the eggs, and with only a few days until the eggs were due to hatch, the mother abandoned her eggs, but we weren't sure if she was killed, attacked or scared away. And we were really disappointed, so we were determined to try again next year, so we took out the old nest and cleaned the bird box thoroughly, and that brings us to now!

So during the first few weeks of January 2013, this mystery bird would come and sleep in on the hard wooden floor of the birdbox. And that happened every night and now, April 15th, the same bird has just finished building a nest! And we, (me and my grandpa who is really good with birds!), think that this bird might be a lesser spotted woodpecker! But sadly, for unknown reasons, the colour didn't work this year so we haven't seen the birds colour only in black and white. So I was wandering if you could help? :)


Will :)

P.s. I can send a picture of the bird in the box but its asleep now so I can't get one now but I can if you want.

P.p.s. I'm really sorry about the really long email, hope you don't mind! :(

Please email your thoughts/views/comments or ideas to thank you 




13 March 2013


Hi Richard,

The boxes arrived safe and sound this morning thank you. They look great. Need to put them all up on Saturday!

Thanks again for your help.





Thank you for becoming our friend and thank you for the superb boxes, we are thrilled and so is Jane with hers. Sorry I am still learning this Facebook thing but will do my best. Would like to send you some photos now on e.mail hope you like them please let us know. Please can you also send me an e.mail after with the details of the sites you have I can see where the photos are and maybe mine too. 


love Ellie and Peter xxx



Hi Richard

Just want to say a big THANK YOU ! for coming along to Raglan Primary School on Saturday, your knowledge and support was so valued


Sarah Jones (Monmouthshire Countryside Service)


Hi Richard,


Just a note to say thanks so much for the House Martin nests and fitting them, Joyce is delighted.


Many Thanks

Anna Hancock



hello richard

ive just taken a look at your site project nestbox and would like to say a big thank you for what you have achieved so far very well done mate im impressed!

im a keen bird watcher and angler scince a very young age and ive found many nests over the years some of which are tawney owls who still nest in the same place each year some of which my dad showed me for wen hes was a youngster and theyve continued to do so untill the tree has fallen down 30 years or more!

ive found little owls,kestrels at my local quarry and last year a buzzards nest who layed a clutch of 2 large white eggs and succssesfully reared 1 chick i took sum photos and 2 video diarys of it too!

i have also done what you have done around my area but not as large as yours of course,small tit boxes and everyone has bin occupied mainly by blue tits and great tits and the odd bumble bee,ive also got a nestbox cam on my house and every year bluetits occupy it and sumtimes raise a succsesfull brood depending on the weather and food source each year.

i wish you good luck with your barn owl project but it seems to me through my knowledge and exspirence in this area that there just isint enuff of them especialy breeding pairs to choose your nest box as a nest site,maybe a tawney or little owl or at best a jackdaw/crow familly or id deffo put my money on a bushy tailled charector!ive never seen a barn owl around here thats not to say there not there but being an active bird at dusk and dawn and daylight hours and being so distinctive i would have seen one by would be great for you to prove me wrong though mate as i have many friends in the "bird world" who would also agree with me on this subject.

good luck with it all mate,hope to speak to you soon as this is all a passion of mine too i thinks its absoulutly great and theres lots to learn from it too,


kind regards,shane.




I was searching last night for coconut shell nest ideas, and I came across your site. I just wanted to say I was impressed with your site and especially your "Production line". I have followed you on Twitter too. You should look at or www.wildlife whisperer., there are many people who would be interested in what you are doing. 

Regards Paul.



That is wicked !!

I must stay clear of that part of your site !! …I won’t get any more work done !!!

But I will certainly spend some time there later – what gorgeous photos !!





Hi Richard,

great to have a chat too – I had no idea you were achieving so much over there, and almost single handed !!  Wow !!  I have a team of nearly 30 to achieve only a little more !

That was good going to manage to get that website address – I would have thought it was a very popular one !

Will I find a list of your sites on the web site somewhere – I could not readily spot the relevant link ?  Sorry if I am being dim !!

I will put your details on my monitors database and email distribution list, so you know what is going on.

I do hope you manage to get some of your records up to the BTO, as this year could be so relevant to analysis of survival.

Do have a chat sometime with Carl about whether he would like to see us working closer together, or whether he is happy to see us a separate projects.

And let’s speak again soon.




Val Jackson

Volunteer Officer

 07807 31 80 73

Gwent Wildlife Trust, Seddon House, Dingestow, Monmouth, NP25 4DY

Registered charity number 242619 Limited liability company number 812535

Tel: 01600 740600



Hi Richard,

Many Thanks for your letter dated September 10th in regards to your Project Nestbox scheme, I personally have found it incredibly interesting to read and learn about and what you are doing in your part of Wales is simply brilliant so well done!

Would love to see an image of the Dipper nestbox and what success you had with it being used!

The Red Kite stuff is really interesting too, loved the slow-mo feeding!

I have passed your details on to our buying team, they are responsible for stocking items in our shops etc. Unfortunately we do already have a range of nest boxes and this range is expanding using one of our current suppliers but nevertheless it is good to hear about new ideas and great to see people taking action to help wildlife in their local area simply because they have a passion for it.


Kind Regards,

Ben Andrew

Wildlife Enquiries


The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

Tel:  01767 693119 Fax: 01767 692365



I was so amazed to read your nest box info. I have been a bird lover since I was small of course after reading your blog for a while I figured you were located in UK.Your work is fantastic.I live in Spring Hill, Fla. which is entirely a bird sanctuary. I have a pair of Redstart`s recently and I want to build a nest box for them. I built a nesting  box a year and half ago for a great crested fly catcher I saw in my yard. recently a pair of GCFC have begun nesting in there.

 I am so surprised we see all the same birds.My piece of property backs up on 20 acres of scrub oak land.Keep up your tireless effort. It is greatly appreciated by everyone and every bird of course. You have to stand up for those animals that can't stand up for themselves.

Michael Anne Daniels, Florida, USA



Fantastic work Richard !!!!

Andrew Symons Wildlife Photography





Great work Rich,well done mate.I will put a link to your site on my website later ;0) 

Mike Warburton Photography



Andrew Symons photography sent me a link to your website yesterday afternoon Fair play to you mate . Wicked site and love the work you are putting in. 

Darren John Welsh


Hi Rich

Keep up the great work your doing regarding  your bird nesting projects. I have 1st hand witnessed the results up at Woodlake Park Golf Club where there are now an abundance of new young songbirds all around the course. Whilst playing golf its great to see the parent birds in and out of your nest boxes feeding the chicks and also had the pleasure of seeing some of the chicks including Pied Wagtails, Blue and Great tits (under your careful guidance). I believe you have helped the cause for nesting birds at Woodlake Park and all your nesting sites as so many eggs, chicks and adult birds would have surely perished due to the adverse weather conditions of late. Keep up the good work Rich as I know it`s been a struggle lately whilst battling your Crohn`s. 

 Robert Harris, NewInn



 i keep some nests in tress and in schools and some banks and i give 234 nest box free of cost but all are occupied by house sparrow and mayna

really i am very happy and i see your website and i learn lesson from you

thnaks a lot


lalu (India)


On 25 Feb 2012, at 08:03 AM, wrote:



Thought I'd add a comment for your excellent website/project.

'Excellent new website. This project demonstrates that with commitment and determination positive can be taken by individuals to reverse declines in bird populations. Keep up the good work'.

Steve Williams (Senior Ecologist, Torfaen County Borough Council) 


Hi Richard,


Its Lee, Steve Carter's friend we met at the Peregrine meeting in Cwmbran.

I'm interested in purchasing some boxes off you, just looking for Tit and Redstart to begin with, please can you give me individual prices and price for 5, 10 etc.


Many thanks in advance,

Lee Parsons, Brynithel

ps your website is superb mate, keep up the good work




well done to you and ieuan on achieving your first Pied flycatcher nest. chuffed for you after all the hard work you've put in.well done mate!!!!!!

jason harris



I have a young, tame, Tawny Owl which is living in my room in West Yorkshire. Shes been bred in captivity and its my first owl pet. I have a problem with giving it a home. Currently shes on a perch in a wardrobe because she keeps flying off it but as shes tethered when she leaps off the perch she ends up getting caught up and hanging upsidedown. I really don't want to put her in a cage and I read that they like to make their nest with a view they can watch the world from. I saw your website and I like what you're selling but I have a few ideas about what I need.


If its a nesting box, I'd prefer to keep it high up so it would need to be on some sort of weighted pole or easily hung from a wall (preferably to sit inside a window wall). Mainly it would need a tray at the bottom or at least some door at the back so I can clean it out. I would prefer a perch by the front entrance with some sort of wire mesh just underneaththe perch to catch the owl should it leap off whilst tethered, preventing it from gunna hung upsidedown, or to have some sort of square wire mesh lid that folds down over the front of the box. Waterproof, easy clean roof on the nest box (painted?).

I've attached an example.


Thank you,



"Great site and very informative, especially regarding bird life in and around Torfaen" 

 Mr S Roberts, New Inn


"I look forward to Richards latest news with great interest. Keep up the good work" 

 Mr R Jones, Pontypool


"Great to see a local person actively involved with wildlife conservation" 

 Mrs J Lloyd, Cwmbran


"Keep up the excellent work" -

Mrs Barnes, New Inn


"The House Martin project is a great idea as there seems to be fewer House Martin numbers in and around New Inn village. I will be checking the latest news with interest" 

 Mrs J Thomas, New Inn


"My wife and I look forward to reading the latest news on Project Nestbox with interest" 

 Mr and Mrs Lewis, New Inn  


 I am very thankful to Richard for supplying me with a superb Barn Owl box at such a good price it looks stunning in my Barn 

Mrs Perry. Newport   


This website is brilliant, my wife, children and I read the latest news with great interest on a weekly basis. Keep up the great work 

Ed Lotus, Cwmbran 


Hi Rich, just to let you know that I received the House Martin nest boxes today and I am well impressed mate. Thanks for sending them and once I`ve got them up  nest week I might order another 5 after pay day !! Cheers for now 

Dan Alder, Dorset Ecology unit        


Richard supplied me with 6 quality nest boxes for my garden at an unbelievable price. At present one of the nest boxes is occupied by a pair of Blue tits. Once again thank you Richard 

Mike Burden, Upper Cwmbran       


I live opposite Coed-y-cando woods in NewInn village and watch Richards project unfold in front of my eyes. Recently I have been suffering with a serious medical condition and Richard went out of his way to help me erect a nest box in my garden with which it now has a pair of Great tit nesting in.  Once again Richard, keep up the amazing work and thank you for putting a smile on my face when I was at a low 

John, NewInn                                          

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