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57th Barn Owl nest box made

Updated: Mar 19

Very busy day today erecting 2 internal Barn Owl nest boxes in 2 ancient pre 1700 barns. In fact the first barn could go back to late 1500's. It was a pleasure to fit nest boxes inside these beautiful buildings. I absolutely love looking at the roof beams and admiring the joints that the old carpenters used. No metalwork used those days it was all held together by oak pegs.

Both barns are situated in open farmland in rural Monmouthshire and right out in the sticks. A very strong possibility we may get a couple of Barn Owl pairs taking up residence very soon.

I had to make up another internal Barn Owl box for tomorrow and that is my 57th.

th Barn Owl nest box I've made for my project. I've lost count of the number of Barn Owl boxes I've made for other people. So out and about tomorrow fitting the box I've made this afternoon then a visit to a lady who wants some swift nest boxes made up for her house.

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