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All day filming

Today I was accompanied by a local wildlife producer. Natalie contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if she could film a documentary about my conservation project.

We started at my workshop filming a few Q and A's and some film of me constructing a Tawny Owl nest box. Whilst constructing I explained the reason behind my project and the species of bird I build nest boxes for.

The last bit of filming was at one of my upland sites and I was filmed erecting a Tawny Owl nest box. This nest box was put in place due to to the old box being damaged from the last big storm we had. The actual beach tree the tawny owl box was fitted came down and that's how it got damaged.

Natalie will return sometime in spring and finish off the short documentary by filming my nest boxes with birds inside. She will also film the species of birds that use my boxes and birds which actually reside in and around my sites.

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