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At last !!!! Spotted Fly 😃

Today I managed to ring my first brood of Barn Owls of 2023. This particular brood of 5 chicks consisted of 3 females, 1 little male and 1 still to young to sex. I have nine pairs to ring this year which is amazing but on a sad note I found a dead adult Barn Owl inside one of my nest boxes.

Not 100% sure what has happened to this poor bird although I can't rule out poison or pesticides. Sadly this is the reality of the fortunes of our wild animals. Not only do they have to contend with adverse weather conditions and predation but also man made poisons and pesticides, assuming the demise of this poor Owl was indeed a man made interference.

Ending on a positive note it was fantastic to have a pair of Spotted Flycatches raising a brood of 5 chicks inside one of my purpose built Spotted Flycatcher nest boxes. Both parents were busy taking it in turns to feed five hungry chicks.

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