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Busy building

Recently I have been so fortunate to have money and materials donated to my conservation work. My intention was to build another ten Barn Owl nest boxes to take me past the 70 mark.

I was totally blown away at the response I recieved from numerous individuals who were so kind with donations. Because of those individuals I have enough materials to build another 15 external nest boxes and another 15 internal nest boxes.

What I really need now is for farmers and land owners to jump onboard my project and grant me permission to install my nest boxes. With my small team of volunteers it is very possible I could take my total instalments over the 80 mark.

As you can see in the image below I have managed to build a few in my workshop. These will go into storage until I am ready to install.

I'd like to say another diolch yn fawr to all those individuals who donated to my conservation work.

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