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Early erection

Yesterday morning with the help of my friend Alex we managed to move a Tawny owl nest box to a more favourable position. We started at 9am and was done by 10.30am which was good going.

This particular nest box is fitted to a huge healthy Ash tree in the middle of a field on the outskirts of Blaenavon. Fingers crossed a pair of Tawny owls find it before Grey Squirrels do.

In the afternoon I was accompanied by Mutley and I decided to check on a few Barn owl nest boxes that I've not checked on for a while. There was good news and bad news. The bad news with the first barn owl nest box was a family of grey squirrels had taken over the nest box. I cleaned all the nesting material out of the box and found owl pellets at the bottom. This was slightly better news knowing owls had used the nest box before the squirrels.

The second and third nest boxes I checked on was really good news with both nest boxes being used by Barn owls. I'd be very disappointed if these two nest boxes failed to raise chicks this year and I'm hoping to have at least 5 pairs raising chicks and possibly more. Fingers crossed.

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