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Goodbye to a good friend

This Tuesday, I and hundreds of other friends and family said our last good bye to a wonderful gentleman. Paul was one of the kindest individuals I have ever met. He was a diamond of a gentleman who absolutely adored his family and friends. He was also fond of animals and I shall never forget this image of Paul holding one of the Barn Owl chicks that were in one of my nest boxes at a property owned by the family. The nest box was put up about 3 years ago and Paul at 70+ years of age helped me erect the nest box using scaffolding. His sheer delight of having a pair of Barn Owls nesting at his property will live with me for ever.

(The chicks were handled and ringed under schedule 1 licence)

RIP Paul, you will be sadly missed.

Sending a huge Welsh cwtch to Gwen, Keli and Lynne 💕💕

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