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Out with my k9 companion

Out with my k9 companion yesterday morning in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside. The aim of the day was to erect 2 internal Barn Owl nest boxes on 2 different farms between Abergavenny and Raglan. The first fix went to plan and ran like clockwork finishing it in half an hour.

The 2nd fit didn't quite go to plan and was aborted early doors. The reason being Steph the lonesome farmer had a dilemma on her hands with a newborn calf. The poor little thing was born inside the water trough and bordering hyperthermia by the time the whole herd had alerted Steph. So I gave Steph a hand feeding it after a warm bath to restore its body heat. Hopefully the poor little thing starts to suckle or it might have to be hand reared although At least it will get extra attention to give it a fighting chance.

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