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Storm Eunice

Unfortunately storm Eunice blew a hole in my car port so I had to withdraw to my garage today. Hardly any room in my garage although I still managed to construct 2 Tawny and 1 Barn owl nest box.

Hopefully we may have a dry period tomorrow so I will aim to get these owl nest boxes painted. Although I will have to purchase a sheet of plastic roofing to plug up the piece Eunice ripped off before hand. Just hope they have them in stock.

I have about 7 external Barn Owl nest boxes ready to be installed and 1 internal barn owl nest box destined for my good friend Steph's farm. Last year Steph had a Barn owl trapped inside one of her out buildings so there is high Hope's we will be able to attract a pair very soon. The trapped barn owl was released and it was absolutely fine.

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