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Swift box action

Last year my good friend Steve Roberts asked me to build a Swift nest box to place on the side of his house.

The nest box needed to fit snugly under the soffit and fascia boards of the overhang of Steve's House in order for it to blend in. It was cut into shape to the same contour of the gable end of his house with four seperate nesting chambers and almost like a triangle box. It was then painted to match the fascia boards so it didn't stand out like a ugly duckling 😁

This year Steve and his wife were absolutely delighted that two pairs of Swifts decided to raise their broods inside two of the nesting chander. The added bonus was a pair of House Sparrows decided to use a third chamber to raise a brood also.

I am so glad this has been a success story and conservation wise we are helping a seriously declining species of bird which certainly makes my project all worth while.

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