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This blog is sponsored by gym shark 😁

I was accompanied by a very disgruntled participant this morning who thought he was on his way to the gym. Dressed in his posh boy gym shark attire he did look the part for a sesh down the local yuppies gym although he quickly realised his attire was slightly out of place for rural Monmouthshire. He became even more agitated when I insisted on him wearing pre industrial revolution hob nail boots i managed to  dig out from the shed. As you can see in the image, white socks just don't do it.

We arrived at one of my sites and when my sons eyes focused on the quagmire field we were about to enter He begged to remain in my 4x4. When I mentioned we were actually collecting regurgitated Barn Owl pellets for a local primary school year 5 class to disect on Thursday he almost regurgitated a poached egg pellet of his own. So the message to my son is, always expect the unexpected. 😄

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